What Is the Slow Movement?

The Slow Movement is a movement aimed at slowing down in many spheres of life: Slow Parenting, Slow Finance, Slow Aging, Slow Human Relations, Slow Living… By prioritizing quality rather than quantity, the Slow Movement allows us to savour minutes and hours instead of counting them. Slow Move Fitness is part of the Slow Movement.

Why Slowing Down Is Important

  • Reduce stress
  • Savour the present moment
  • Focus on well-being instead of performance
  • Nourish your mind and body
  • Connect with a community of conscious people with the same values

Who Invented Slow Move Fitness?

Canadian Danielle Danault has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years; first as an aerobics instructor and then as the founder and CEO of Outdoor Fitness Canada since the year 2000.

Outdoor Fitness is the leader of outdoor fitness in the province of Quebec, providing 11 different programs in more than 140 city parks to over 23,000 members annually.

Due to its innovative and creative ideas, Outdoor Fitness has earned 11 business awards in the last eleven years.

Who is the head coach?

Cathy Trinh is a young and dynamic coach whose passion lies in helping everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. Graduated in kinesiology from McGill University in 2011, she runs a successful Cardio Plein Air franchise in Montreal. She has over eight years of experience in fitness and has been developing new fitness programs for Cardio Plein Air, such as Slow Move Fitness, across the province of Quebec.

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